TVM Interactive

For those who reach out to us, we give you the option of allowing us to post your thoughts up here. This serves two purposes, in our opinion. First, people who are going through something similar know that they are not alone, and that your voice is heard. Second, it gives people the opportunity to voice their comments/opinions and hopefully they say something which we don’t, and it helps you in some way or the other.

Please note that if you wish to have your words removed from the site, you can message us and we will take it down immediately. All thoughts you send us are posted anonymously, and we hope that this helps put your mind at ease, in some way at least.

Once again, we reiterate – THIS IS NOT A COUNSELLING SERVICE. It is merely home to thoughts that we want to let out into the world, hoping that it does us a service.

Just here to lend an ear.

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