The Venting Machine

An Open Letter To Anyone Who Needs To Hear This: You Are Not Alone.

You are not alone. It may seem like things are not working out in your favor, or that your life is straying so far off the path you had pictured yourself to be on, but it’s not the end.

It is important to remember to that regardless of what comes your way, you are meant to be where you are right now. You will find a way to overcome, if you just believe that you can.

The search for purpose is a constant journey, one which we undertake at any given point in our lives. But if an obstacle finds its way into our paths, we do not turn around and flee. We find a way to navigate through, and emerge with our heads held high.

Talk about the way you feel. Vocalize your emotions and scream, if that’s what it takes. Letting it all out will only make you feel lighter. And if it doesn’t, so what? There are other ways to fight the feelings of emptiness.

But we do not give up. We do not fall prey to the spiral that is beckoning us, tempting us, like a seductress that it is. We fight harder each day, knowing that strength is only born in the hardest of days, and we continue to fight until the day we don’t have to anymore.

Stay strong and stay safe.

Peace and love,

The Venting Machine.