The Trials of a Twenty-Something (over)Thinker

Someone once told me that we write what we know. But what could I possibly write when everything I know is constantly changing? When every idea in my brain explodes like a firecracker in the sky, sending bits of information sizzling in different directions, getting me to reconsider what I thought I knew, and what I now know I didn’t.
And so, I began writing what I felt, what I thought and what I believed. And somehow, things began to make sense. So I thought that I would share a little piece of me with the world, the piece that introspects, reflects and finds subtext – the piece that knows nothing, but is on a mission to find it out.

All creations/pictures/writings/thoughts/feelings/opinions belong to CigarettesInTheSand, and we don’t much appreciate plagiarism. If you want to borrow our thoughts/ideas/writing material, just ask! All feedback/suggestions/thoughts/feelings are always welcome.

Don't Fall In Love With Romeo If Your Name Isn't Juliet

an incomplete thought about how romances, old or new, tend to make romantics like me fall in love with the protagonist – with my head stuck in the clouds but my feet sunk firmly in the ground – I’m stretched thin thinking of the day I ride off into the sunset.

"Four simple letters with the kind of power to destroy the universe."

a musing on love, the emotion no amount of reference to a thesaurus can encapsulate.

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