Trigger Warning

A little something about holding onto hope, When it feels like it’s the end; The struggle always bears strength. CigarettesInTheSand When I first had a panic attack, I was quite literally in the middle of a laugh. I spent the night in the hospital, unsure of how to make sense of my erratic heartbeat and […]

It’s Probably Just The Loneliness Talking

A little rant because today I choose to believe this is my personal diary. The feeling overwhelms and it seems like there is no end in sight to the constant ache in your heart and the pit in your stomach. The thoughts playing on repeat like your favorite song on a loop; there’s no escape […]

Words Don’t Make It True

I moved on and I said it out loudThen why does the sight of yourFace turn that decision around I forced myself to forget I loved youThen why is it that the simple mentionOf your name makes that seem untrue I knew that I couldn’t keep doing thisTo myself and so I wrote a poem […]