Finding Solace

Finding solace In the wrong place At the wrong time No, I’m not crying But there is a part Inside of my soul That’s broken down Just need to let go Finding solace Among the stars In crowded bars In the open skies In unfruitful denial In the hope of a future In wanting toContinue reading “Finding Solace”


You see me naked Your eyes widen as I don’t match the image Concocted in your head Whimsical of the feel As your hand grazes The stretch marks that I fought hard to erase My skin hangs low in Places some to remind Of the times when I Wished to be thin “Be gentle withContinue reading “Fragile”

the aesthetics from heartbroken eyes

Identity Crisis

When I look into the mirrorAnd I see those hollow eyesI feel something in me stirLike a feeling of love deprived There’s something to be saidAbout believing in your own karmaBut where do you put that misplaced faithWhen you don’t know who you are A case of mistaken identityRevealing itself after ages flown byNo timeContinue reading “Identity Crisis”

Heartbreak Wars

Heartbreak Wars is a story, an unrealistic journey on the emotional roller-coaster, as most love stories are. With a little bit of adventure added to the mix, the unspoken conflict between head and heart is the primary protagonist of the book. Add you delve into the pages, you will find a thoroughly flawed character, perhapsContinue reading “Heartbreak Wars”