Finding Solace

Finding solace In the wrong place At the wrong time No, I’m not crying But there is a part Inside of my soul That’s broken down Just need to let go Finding solace Among the stars In crowded bars In the open skies In unfruitful denial In the hope of a future In wanting toContinue reading “Finding Solace”

War Between Thoughts and Emotions

“The emotional brain responds to an event more quickly than the thinking brain.” – Daniel Goleman. To be caught in a web between one’s own thoughts and feelings ever so often leads to a spiral. Caught between a rock and a hard place, the war renders our minds and hearts incapable of optimal functioning whenContinue reading “War Between Thoughts and Emotions”

the aesthetics from heartbroken eyes

Him & Her

It wasn’t often that she would break down and cryWhen she did the question was always why? Because she was strong and her strength made her seemLike nothing could ever affect her – not even he He could make her smile when she needed it the mostHe would wake her up every morning with butterContinue reading “Him & Her”

Words Don’t Make It True

I moved on and I said it out loudThen why does the sight of yourFace turn that decision around I forced myself to forget I loved youThen why is it that the simple mentionOf your name makes that seem untrue I knew that I couldn’t keep doing thisTo myself and so I wrote a poemContinue reading “Words Don’t Make It True”

It’s About Time I Said Goodbye

This is not just a poemTo show you that I can rhymeThis is a letter to tell you It’s about time I said goodbye This is my apology to youEven though you aren’t listeningJust had to tell you That I’m through I tried really hard to pretendI tried really hard to ignoreBut all that didContinue reading “It’s About Time I Said Goodbye”