There was once a soulSo pure and so unrealThat she lived in isolationIn a world of fictionDaunted by the liesThat came from the criesOf those who deniedThemselves the prizeThat is harmonyIn times of discordWho hold hands and singPraises of the LordFor standing aloneIn the face of unkindnessWith the weight of the worldCausing a certain blindnessForgettingContinue reading “Momentarily”

Memory Lane

Winding roadsPaved with ghostsOf the times gone by Nostalgia formsAt the uncertaintyOf the new norm Looking backWith fresh perspectiveBut the same old eyes Memories unfadedWounds freshCan’t say goodbye Retracing the stepsStolen kissesImprinted in the rainWhen we walked downMemory lane


Can’t sleep through the nightWhen the thought of you isConstantly playing on my mind Won’t stop even for deathRunning further away stillHuffing till I’m out of breath Can’t slow down can’t speed upCan’t fight the thoughts can’t notCan’t bring myself to give up The light of dawn spreads acrossThe night sky no longer prevailsThe wayContinue reading “Escape”