that kind of night

I’m lying awakeStaring at the fan overheadTrying to fathomThe differenceBetween the bladesAnd my mindFor both seem to beSpinningLike a tornadoUnstoppable and unkind I find myselfPonderingAt the oddest thoughtMy eyes if openSee perhaps darkerThan if shut tight There’s thoughtsI’ve put offIn the hopes that theyDisappearAnd dreams born in my mindI have embracedIn the hopes that theyCome […]


Can’t sleep through the nightWhen the thought of you isConstantly playing on my mind Won’t stop even for deathRunning further away stillHuffing till I’m out of breath Can’t slow down can’t speed upCan’t fight the thoughts can’t notCan’t bring myself to give up The light of dawn spreads acrossThe night sky no longer prevailsThe way […]