You see me naked Your eyes widen as I don’t match the image Concocted in your head Whimsical of the feel As your hand grazes The stretch marks that I fought hard to erase My skin hangs low in Places some to remind Of the times when I Wished to be thin “Be gentle withContinue reading “Fragile”

Morals All Consuming

Tangled websSpun with threadsThat are unable toSustain the weightOf empty words said An all consumingGuilt borne of aMoral consciousSuppressed butPrevalently exists Weighed down byHead held high moralsFighting with theDemons (note the plurals) Living as thoughMerely survivingUntil time runs out How does it work for thoseWho allow the guiltTo weigh them down


It wasn’t meBut it wasn’t you eitherI wish it wereBecause now I blame neitherMe? My kind of loveIs overwhelmingAnd you were so caught upPlaying the unscathed and disbelievingFriend to my JulietTo look at my loveBeyond your mindsetAnd so I free you from the guiltI hope that you never felt

Life Lessons

I used to think that I knew things, you know? That every mistake, sorry, life lesson, was just a learning and that it contributed to my growth. Whether the damage was irreparable or simply a trifle, I believed that there was some teaching which a disgruntled human like myself could find a message in. MyContinue reading “Life Lessons”