To Forget

Popped champagneMade it rainDid it every dayAlways felt the same When it’s on repeatIt becomes a gameTo outdo myselfTill it fades away I drink to forgetWhat I do to drinkI turn up the volumeSo I don’t hear myself think Recreating memoriesTo feel something newTo forget what happenedOnly cherishing a few Thinking it’s realWhen the moment […]

that kind of night

I’m lying awakeStaring at the fan overheadTrying to fathomThe differenceBetween the bladesAnd my mindFor both seem to beSpinningLike a tornadoUnstoppable and unkind I find myselfPonderingAt the oddest thoughtMy eyes if openSee perhaps darkerThan if shut tight There’s thoughtsI’ve put offIn the hopes that theyDisappearAnd dreams born in my mindI have embracedIn the hopes that theyCome […]

The Storm

Silent is the nightThe din deafeningCalm before the stormThe end is nearing There is a lightBorn of the darkWith a hint of gloomWith an aura stark The sound of the oceanCalming as it rages onBirds no longer chirpingAs nearer approaches the storm Brace yourselves Find shelter fromThe approaching Will overthrow the norm The end is […]

Beyond Saving

I asked you to save meNot watch me drownSo if you weren’t going to helpWhy did you stick around? It wasn’t your responsibilityTo help me pull throughSo why didn’t you kill the expectationsBorn of my attachment to you? And I’m asking once againFor your help – to help me surviveAnd once again you haven’t failedTo […]