The Clichéd “About” Page

There has got to be one of these, hasn’t there? How else are you going to know who I am? The better question here, however, is: do you want to know who I am?

“A series of bad decisions, culminating into real-world experience, adding to my mystique – don’t call me names until you really get to know me.”

Just another heartbroken human, trying to turn life experiences into poetry and realizing that sometimes, poetry may need to be narrated, but may not always be meant to be heard.


Sitting on the beach listening to the waves crash against the shore, wondering why I’m always left wanting more.

Writing as though I know of pain
Pretending as though it’s all the same
Defying my inherent traits
Trying to be someone great


A 24 year old aspiring humanitarian with a passion for writing, propagating mental health advocacy and suffering from a severe case of doggoholism.

A self-proclaimed professional overthinker attempting to go through life by turning pain into poetry and stitching words together incoherently.