Real-World Girl

With imperfectly shaped brows
And uninteresting brown eyes
Resembling the winter skies

With frizzy locks uncascading
Down slumped shoulders
“Stand upright!” they told her

A crooked nose only heightened
By the assymetrical lips below
Not pink but wearing an unenchanting glow

Prominent bags under the eyes
Concealer unused so as not to lie
About the countless sleepless nights

Scars of acne past come alive
In the most unflattering light
Foundation can’t even deny

A simple black line drawn
Under the eyes to try and hide
From those with prying sights

A different shade of gloss
Brushes gently across the lips
Hoping to steal away from the hips

Oversized tees aren’t a choice
To hide the muffin-top from the boys
High-waist jeans are her favorite toys

Chipped nails stubbed from being bitten
Cellulite prominent on the thighs
Won’t smile so the crooked teeth stay hidden

More flaws than a slapstick comedy 
Life itself seems to be a joke enough 
Oblivious to the fashion “stuff”

Expectations of size zero
But a realistic size twelve
She’s a real-world girl struggling
To make it to the end 

Unphased is unlikely
When the world looks down upon
A mind wound so tightly
And her confidence is torn

“Wear your smile as an accessory”
Is easy to say when it shines
A million watts brighter
Not overshadowed by crying

Living in a bubble made of glass
Is easier to shatter than to last
Self-confidence doesn’t exist
Merely a ghost of the past

A real-world girl who can’t walk
In a straight line when wearing heels
Thinks eyeshadow is highlighter
And never shows what she feels

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