Humanity broke my heart.

I always wrote poems about heartbreak, because that was the best way I knew how to deal. I would pour my emotion into the words, stitching them together as though fabricating my own pattern. It only worked for me, but hey, at least it helped, right?

The problem with heartbreak is that no matter how much you try, your heart doesn’t just turn itself off after you’re done being sad. You don’t become a robot or even the Tin Man (from the Wizard of Oz, just in case you didn’t get that one) by falling prey to the disease that is heartbreak. Essentially, your heart is prone to being damaged, and in all honesty, there’s a strong likelihood that it’s gonna probably happen again.

Lately, my blame glasses have found a new victim for the state of my shattered heart, and this time, it’s not one, but a whole of humans, rather, the state of humanity as seen in the headlines. Let’s just rap the negatives, shall we?

We start with


Volcano eruptions

Of feelings undealt

We jump to conclusions

Setting in motion

Acts we can’t

Take back




Wait, what?

He found a loophole legally

And walked away scot-free

Animals can’t talk

So let’s take advantage

No laws in place

Easy bail

Out of jail

And on the Earth

One life less




Female infanticide

Child marriage

Child labour

Is the list not over?

So intolerant

Of anything we

Can’t comprehend

So instead we

Choose to end

The thing that

Makes us human

It’s a body part

Used often as metaphor

You guessed it

It’s the heart

… this is probably not my best work, but I do feel as though acceptance is the first step to reach atop a mountain of impossibility. All I’m asking is that people be a little more accepting of one another, of emotions and opinions and thoughts and feelings and you know what? We might just see real change before that list gets any longer.

My heart isn’t going to get fixed that easily, especially not with some of the content we find floating on social media platforms. From animals being mercilessly beaten to the lack of accountability across the globe, let’s just get this straight: no amount of change can really be seen unless every single person out there wants it.

It’s not about marching to court to get justice for an issue, but something as small as lending a helping hand within your own community goes a long way in building societal compassion and thereby making the global village a happier place to dwell in.

Like I seem to say more often than not, if you don’t support a cause, no one is compelling you to, but don’t go around putting down those who do believe in it. Be a promoter of your own cause and if everything’s just dandy, then live and let live without being a hindrance to those who wish to breathe free.


A Concerned Citizen of the World.

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