There was once a soul
So pure and so unreal
That she lived in isolation
In a world of fiction
Daunted by the lies
That came from the cries
Of those who denied
Themselves the prize
That is harmony
In times of discord
Who hold hands and sing
Praises of the Lord
For standing alone
In the face of unkindness
With the weight of the world
Causing a certain blindness
Forgetting golden words
Like love and compassion
To live in a world
By heartlessness fashioned
Don’t deny yourself
The chance to be human
By submitting to forces
That dissipate your acumen  
We claim to be mortal
But want our souls to live on
In every moment or memory
That our present has foregone
Plentiful theories of mortality
Conquering our minds
Make the most of every moment
Be it one or seven lives
And so she existed but didn’t
In the hearts of those that lived
In ignorance and were blessed
To never know what discontent is

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