If everything is written
As ‘destiny’ or in the stars
Tell me why am I wasting time
Chasing a future like I’m racing cars

The stars in the night sky
Hold stories of my plight
They make for a great read
But not living it in real life

If I’m fated to create my destiny
Why does everything seem
Like I’m like the butt of a joke
Specifically crafted for me

Give me direction
Just give me a sign
I want to create a future
That I’m proud to call mine

When there’s no way out
No escape in sight
I’m clearing a path
For sleepless nights

You know it really is funny
I thought of myself as proud
That I didn’t need a plan
That I would just flounder around

Caught between a rock and a stone
Hell-bent on forging my own path
But with a storm brewing I wonder
If this determination will last

If I’m fated to outlive
Every bad decision I’ve made
I will stop blaming destiny
For the cards I was never dealt

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