The Humanity Questions

Why do we berate
Instead of appreciate?
Why do we escape
Instead of feeling the pain?

Why do we drink
And let ourselves sink?
Why do we try
And avoid crying?

Why can’t we lift up
Instead of pulling down?
Why can’t we tolerate
Instead of flashing frowns?

Why can’t we commend
A job well done?
Why can’t we spread smiles
Or even hugs and love?

Why aren’t we able
To express feelings?
Why do we treat people
Like disposable dealings?

Why is it so hard
To shift focus from wealth?
Why is it not equivalent
To abundance of mental health?

Why can’t we create
Our own sense of peace
Instead of condemning those
Who try, at least?

Why do we insist on
Proving ourselves right
Let egos intervene
In trivial fights?

Why can’t we find
Some kind of middle ground
Between abandoning puppies
And adopting the whole pound?

Why is it always that
We deal in extremes
Either you love me
Or you’re someone else’s deal

Everyone’s trying to find
Some sort of purpose
It’s not just you
Who feels the hopelessness

If you’ve got your act together
Then we commend you
But don’t rub it in to those
Who are already feeling blue

Spread love not hatred
Spread peace not war
Every life is sacred
& unless we aren’t less ignorant
Humanity will be done for

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