The Storm

Silent is the night
The din deafening
Calm before the storm
The end is nearing

There is a light
Born of the dark
With a hint of gloom
With an aura stark

The sound of the ocean
Calming as it rages on
Birds no longer chirping
As nearer approaches the storm

Brace yourselves
Find shelter from
The approaching
Will overthrow the norm

The end is here
Destruction looms
Ignored the warning bells
When they rang at noon

No day like today to repent
To atone for sins past
To clean up our act
And make the sanctity last

The storm passes
We still stand
Did we learn our lesson
Standing hand-in-hand

Don’t mourn the past
Don’t look behind now
What’s done is done
Rise up from the bow

Take a moment
Let it sink in
You’re still here
Amidst the silent din

Find your path
Don’t wander astray
And don’t forget now
To live like it’s your last day

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