Identity Crisis

When I look into the mirror
And I see those hollow eyes
I feel something in me stir
Like a feeling of love deprived

There’s something to be said
About believing in your own karma
But where do you put that misplaced faith
When you don’t know who you are

A case of mistaken identity
Revealing itself after ages flown by
No time for soul searching
Nor for hopelessness or crying

I am pain unheard of
At least to my own ears
For I am my own suffering
That seeps through my tears

Why couldn’t I have said that I was me
Floating through the sky carefree
Or even driving down the highway
Belting out the lyrics to some melody

So morose and yet so naïve
To think that I could find
The answers I am looking for
Outside of my own mind

I look to the world for validation
Though they aren’t rushing to provide
So I do whatever it is that it takes
To astonish and mesmerise

My view of me is contingent
On the way the world can see
Whatever it is they’re looking to find
When they take a good look at me

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