Him & Her

It wasn’t often that she would break down and cry
When she did the question was always why?

Because she was strong and her strength made her seem
Like nothing could ever affect her – not even he

He could make her smile when she needed it the most
He would wake her up every morning with butter on her toast

He would sing her to sleep and he broke down the walls
That she had built around herself to not let herself fall

She never let anyone see past the facade she had created,
She never showed how much it bothered her – being insulted or berated

She stood tall and basked in the glory of her solitude
Never letting anyone close enough to see her real moods

When he left he took a piece of her with him 
For his departure she blamed herself and her sins

She was clingy she was jealous she was too full with emotion 
She cared too much she was insecure and proceeded sans caution 

But her only real mistake despite the list above 
Was letting herself fall so irrevocably in love

He had been to her a guiding light a shining armored knight 
Her one way ticket on a flight taking her out into the night 

She had been nothing but obsessed deluded but trying to impress
The reason for his stress because her feelings were a real mess 

But the only truth she believed was that there was love to be seen 
So when things came to an unfortunate end all she could do was scream 

She went back to shutting it all off and pretending she didn’t care 
She wanted to learn to love again but maybe she was just too scared 

The choice to leave was his and she didn’t bother fighting 
She knew he would go on anyway and the pain would be devastating 

Sometimes things aren’t worth the suffering and she knew she couldn’t do it 
So instead of finding strength she threw her hands up in the air and said screw it 

And he moved on and lived his life free of the burden
While she learnt that love wasn’t always rewarding

Some ways down he didn’t know how but he found himself missing her
But his call went to voicemail because someone else was kissing her

And it was as simple as that like every other story
This wasn’t one of all-consuming love or power or glory

They saw they met they kissed they fell in love
And they broke up and it was rough

And someday he moved on and she also learnt how to
Because not every love story ends with ‘I love you’

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