The Anti-Romance

Don’t read ahead
if you’re inclined to
romance and love stories
and if you do then
don’t hold it against me.



Fairy tales begin with
Once upon a time
Ballads usually have
A synchronised rhyme
Rom-coms are made
For you to smile
Shed a few tears
And live in denial

Poetry is the stuff
We can’t verbalise
Chapters are full of
Words stitched right
Books tell stories
With added spice
Romance novels
Are just plain lies

Boy meets girl
Falls for her smile
They’re selling you
Love at first sight
An idea so untrue
You search day and night
And end up disappointed
Alone and crying

What is romance really
Besides what we see
Meet-cutes in movies
Or books we read
We don’t create
Our own stories
Instead we believe
The brainwashed majority

Online dating apps
Are all the hype
Meet for coffee
IRL or online
Virtual relationships
Long messages typed
Millennial stories
“Going with the vibe”

For a die-hard romantic
Who has no experience
Falls in love only
To feel heartbroken
Now questioning love
And it’s existence
Knowing the problem isn’t
Romance it’s lack of magic

Questioning myself
Unattractive or unlovable
Unable to find answers
For a mind so skeptical
Finds love then loses it
To the forces invisible
Always wanting more
Than is really possible

I’m not saying I don’t
Believe in love as an idea
But I don’t think it’s meant
For me but I’m a sworn liar
Looking for love in places
From the ice to the fire
Resigning myself to living
Sans romance as a cryer

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