Heartbreak Wars

Heartbreak Wars is a story, an unrealistic journey on the emotional roller-coaster, as most love stories are. With a little bit of adventure added to the mix, the unspoken conflict between head and heart is the primary protagonist of the book. Add you delve into the pages, you will find a thoroughly flawed character, perhaps unidentifiable, unapologetic of the way she doesn’t let herself feel. The notion that our protagonists need to be relatable is a concept that I have tried to put to test here.

It’s not a funny book, nor it is going to make you cry. But it was stuck inside my grey matter and finally materialized into something, and I hope that you at least give it a chance before disregarding it completely.

Love Always – CigarettesInTheSand.

“Once upon a time, in the city of Boston, there returned home from her waitressing job a young twenty-something girl, only to find her mother packing up all their possessions. As one normally would, she asked her mother what was going on. Anticipating some refutation from her daughter, naturally the mother tip-toed around the situation.

As was expected, when the daughter learnt that she needed to return to her hometown and care for her sick grandmother, she wasn’t very happy with the situation. Taking into consideration the fact that this girl had walked out on her life without giving anyone even a day’s notice, she wasn’t particularly keen on going back. And so, an argument ensued.

Now, to give you a little background, the reason the girl left her hometown in the first place had a little something to do with protecting her mother. She couldn’t bear to see her mother so agitated, which why is, a few days later, she found herself knocking at the front door of the house she had grown up in, in a town that would never feel like home.”

As always, thoughts, comments, critique is always welcomed, and there is a space within the book itself to provide some. The first couple of chapters are not the most grasping, I’ll admit, but they do build up for the drama in the pages ahead, so please bear with me.

Thank you infinitely much for all the love and support.

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