“Think of this way – it’s honest but it’s cruel – if you can’t be alone with yourself, then why expect anyone else to?”

Why does it seem to be such a tedious chore
For humans to be left alone with their thoughts?

Are we afraid that on some primal level
We have lost the inability to create a self-connection?

Have we been so swept off our feet by the virtual dimension
That we cannot even give ourselves a few hours of isolation?

Just because the word exists doesn’t mean we must use it at every chance
Are you bored by choice or just unwilling to move beyond the technology trance?

Why does it seem like you always need something to do
As opposed to just appreciating the view?

Are we so afraid of the outcome of a single moment alone
That we beg for another’s company just to have our minds blown?

Can we not for a moment just stop, introspect and have faith renewed
Find an ounce of gratitude for everything that you assume you’re entitled to

Humankind’s blatant disregard for the little things
Overshadowed by the constant need for new beginnings

Nothing ever truly seems to be enough because we don’t want to accept
That the times can’t always be the very best

It’s okay to be alone ever so often and learn to appreciate
That ever so often you will find yourself in a situation which you can’t dictate

Find your strength in solitary but don’t disregard the solidarity
It’s not just you who’s going through this but others too are in this calamity

It’s the strength we find within our mind
To be able to stay rational, honest and kind

This sounds a bit like a preacher on a rant
But since you’ve made it here I just want to add:

As a human you will see things through different sets of eyes
Don’t forget that life is teaching you to empathize

You can’t be bored with yourself because that just goes to show
That as a person, you haven’t got much glow

Think of this way – it’s honest even though I know it seems cruel
But if you don’t want to be alone with yourself then why would anyone else want to?

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