Breaking My Own Heart

Consumed by a feeling of

Liberation from the well that

Was the feelings I possessed

Thought it would only get worse

Until I hit rock bottom and then

There was nowhere to go but up

As the feeling of emptiness lingered

I grazed the tips of my fingers

Along the wall looking for some

Sense of direction but I found that

I was only going around in circles

Letting my thoughts consume me

Every single time though I know

That I ought to have learnt by

Now that I’m wont to make the

Same mistake more than twice

Who’s going to pull me up this

Time when I fall because I have

Not been careful at all I allowed

Myself to sink into your eyes when

We first met and I should have known

Then that you would be far from

The person about who I’d write

A poem in an attempt to move on

I’m reliving the disgrace of

Breaking my own heart all

Over again because I wasn’t

Cautious enough to love me

As much as I loved you and

So I can’t even be mad at you

Because how could you have

Even known that my feelings

Though on display showed

Solely for you but you misread

Them and I didn’t even care

To correct the assumption

Because I was too busy living

In a bubble that every single

Look you gave me was a

Confession of sorts and so

Living in this pretend world

Where you were more than

Just my friend I allowed myself

To fall in love with the idea that

You knew what I meant and

Disregarding the warning signs

I broke my own heart instead

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