Don’t leave me alone with my thoughts

Heart beating so loud

Can be heard over the sound

As the crowd goes about

Revelling in rush hour traffic

The sound of passersby

Drowned out by the voices

In my head as I cry

To make it all just stop

Feeling overwhelmed

And undermining myself

Thinking I don’t have strength

To fight this battle to the end

Who am I and what am I doing

No one has an answer to this

Bogged down by expectations

And unchecked To-Do lists

Am I trying too hard

Or am I just fooling myself

Because isn’t this the part

Where I give up because of loneliness?

Tired of feeling like I can’t

So thinking that maybe I can

But failing at this task

And yet unknowing of who I am

Giving in to whims that aren’t my own

Unable to put an end to it

Can’t make decisions alone

But still forced to face it

Thought I could pride myself

On creating something of my pain

But the truth is nothing’s left

So what am I trying to gain

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