Angel of the Night

They found him lying
In a pool of blood
That wasn’t just his own

They found an empty wallet
A broken diamond bracelet
And the key to his home

They rushed him to the ER
He was on life support
He wasn’t to last the night

But when morning came
Something changed
He seemed in the peak of life

Meanwhile the police
They found the perpatrator
Of a crime so inhumane

They arrested him and
Were all set to beat him
But here too, something changed

She walked in as a nurse
And then as a social worker
Her wings tucked in gently

She talked them out of
Taking the lives of two men
Even if it was differently

Like a fading memory
She disappeared as fast
As she had come

But she left in her wake
Humanity renewed in
The light of the sun

No one even remembered
Her presence after that
And she flew away
Never to come back

The angel of the night
Flying in to save the pair
And all the others in danger
Of losing their place up there

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