Yours to Keep

Grown up reading tales

Of knights in shining armor

Climbing aboard their nobles steeds

Sweeping princesses off their feet

Into the sunset over the valleys and hills

And in that reality i began to believe

I fantasized about the existence

All through my teens

Of the man who’d ride a white horse

And carry me out of my dreams

I found you in my twenties

And you treated me like a queen

Somewhere in the middle of

The moments i was growing up

You thought it wasn’t meant to be

And for a long time

I was real messed up

I fought the heartbreak through

The early thirties when you

Were busy figuring out your feels

But i knew somewhere deep down

That it didn’t matter if you were around

Because my heart was yours to keep

Those were real trying times

And by the time forty grew close

I’d accepted that you’d never be mine

And then in rolled heartbreak part two

When i learned that you were to be wed

I cried through the mid-forties

Thinking i’d be alone when i was dead

In the early fifties i tried to pretend

That i was too old for this lovelorn woe

And when you got divorced

I was busy putting on a great show

But never once did i stop hoping

That someday you’d wake up and miss me

And you’d realize that day that all along

My heart had been yours to keep

We began talking once again

When the sixties rolled in

I had forgone hopes of a future together

And started living them instead

And then at the ripe age of seventy

I knew it was my time

You stood by my side telling me

That you’d join me up there

Even though we both knew our souls

Would only give heaven a scare

And closing my eyes one final time

I could only be grateful for the years with you

Where love was the only thing i knew

And even though my heart stopped beating

Not on my deathbed but when you walked away

It’s always been yours to keep

And for eternity it’s meant to stay 

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