Just a passing thought … that stayed with me

The following lines birthed in my head when i was driving around town at 3am, and it really got me thinking; this is what I’d rather be doing with him than anyone else. It wasn’t a sad moment, nor are these lines the musings of the depressed. It’s just a passing thought that made me smile, knowing that not knowing the answer allows my heart to continue beating in anticipation of the possibilities. 

“Is this it?” I wondered.

“Is this all we were meant to be?

That whirlwind romance,
The butterflies in my belly,
The hand holding dance,
Your smile turning my bones to jelly..

Is this really where our story ends?
Is there no epilogue to this tale?
Cliffhangers are great when there’s something to look forward to,
But this seems like a dead end lane.”

I close my eyes and think of the times,
When you’d swoop in with that charm,
I’d be blinded by the very sight of you,
My heartbeat anything but calm. 

“This can’t be it, 
The end is too soon.
Our story wasn’t long enough;
Heck, it’s only June.” 

I sobbed till my eyes ran dry,
And I lost the urge to fight,
Maybe someday you will want to try,
But I’ll be the one to say goodbye.

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