She dipped her toe into the waters 

They looked so serene and inviting 

She decided to try her hand at swimming 

Unaware of the storm that was lingering 

Through the waters of the ocean 

She swam without thinking 

Of the depths or the dangers as the 

Storm in and around her head began raging 

It happened all at once it was too 

Sudden for her to have known 

But she was caught in the middle of 

A storm and she was all alone 

She began moving her arms faster 

But the water was churning 

She tried to pacify her pounding heart 

By reminding herself to keep breathing 

She was close to the shore

Or so she was thinking 

But alas, she was caught in the tide 

And that was the end of the beginning 

Her body washed up on the shore 

Her eyes were shut and her chest unmoving 

There was no one to see the sight 

Of the lifeless girl that lay fighting 

She felt as though she could watch herself 

As she felt her spirit escaping 

But she needed to open her eyes 

To stop herself from dying 

Her body was tired and weary 

It refused to co-operate with her heart 

As the blood stopped flowing 

Her body started glowing 

And she escaped into the heavens 

Berating herself for unknowing 

She now had time to reflect 

On her past mistakes and doings 

But she realized soon enough 

That her drowning was a beginning

She had a new life and a chance 

To start afresh without basing 

Her life on who she used to be 

But that’s all she ended up doing 

Afraid to be someone new because 

She was afraid of becoming 

The version of her that she would 

Rather had left there dying 

And ever so often she would find herself caught 

In a nightmare and would wake up heaving 

Of the waves that tossed and turned her about 

It was her fate she ended up believing 

If only she had known before she gave up 

That only for seconds more would she be fighting 

That there was help around she didn’t know about 

Then this would be but a story of her feelings 

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