Writing my truth, one word at a time.

The Venting Machine

If you need to talk, we’re right here.
Our motto is, “Just here to lend an ear.”
To save you from shedding tears,
To save you from (ir)rational fears,
Just tap on the button below,
And vent your heart

Sitting on the beach listening to the waves crash against the shore, wondering why I’m always left wanting more.

And when the waves retreat to the sea, I wonder why I don’t cease to be.

Thoughts From A Caffeinated High

The blog – a glimpse into some of the most complex thoughts and incorrigible constructs which, when put together, make up the dimensions I like to call my thoughts.

The Trials of a Twenty-Something (Over)Thinker

About CITS

Just another heartbroken human, trying to turn life experiences into poetry and realizing that sometimes, poetry may need to be narrated, but may not always be meant to be heard.



The Venting Machine

Free your mind
From the thoughts
That make you cry
That make you feel
Alone & hollow inside
All you need is to vent
Let us lend you an ear
Release everything pent –
Up on the inside and we
Promise that you will be
Lighter than before, and
We offer a way to see
Your situation in a light
Different, for objectivity

We just aim to paste a smile
On your face and the inside
Here’s to hoping you believe
All we want is to set you free

The Venting Machine

Cigarettes In The Sand