Cigarettes In The Sand

“Writing my truth, one word at a time.”

Therapy shouldn’t be a taboo, and going to therapy doesn’t make you mad. Addiction is a disease, and depression doesn’t just mean you’re sad. Let’s talk about mental health, Indulge in the spread of knowledgeable wealth, Let’s be more empathetic, less problematic, and spread more smiles! Peace & love, CITS.

The Humanity Questions

Why do we berateInstead of appreciate?Why do we escape Instead of feeling the pain? Why do we drink And let ourselves sink?Why do we try And avoid crying? Why can’t we lift upInstead of pulling down? Why can’t we tolerateInstead of flashing frowns? Why can’t we commendA job well done? Why can’t we spread smilesOrContinue reading “The Humanity Questions”

The Trials of a Twenty-Something (over)Thinker

Now that you’re here, it would be great if you could take a minute and tap on the icon below and check out some words I’ve thrown together in an attempt to coherently express my ideas about love! Click here to navigate through the deliriums induced by romcoms.


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The Trials of a Twenty-Something (over)Thinker – a new passion project – words thrown carelessly around in an attempt to understand LOVE.

Art(by the)Sea – just some colors thrown together and called ‘art’.

“Sitting by the sea, watching the waves crash against the shore; inhaling the smoke till it shakes my very core.”


The Venting Machine

Quite simply put, this is a space for you to vent. Let it all out and scream and shout and relieve your mind of the burden that is your angst. We’re just here to lend an ear!

“Art is perception; writing is passion.”


Art(by the)Sea

Put together an inconsolable mind and a paintbrush and you get some splashes I like to call art.